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  • Is enrollment guaranteed for returning students?
    Yes, if done in time. Currently active students returning to the school can ensure class assignments for previously enrolled students by registering during the standard registration period and paying the tuition and fees by the specified due date. Failure to register and pay by the due date results in students losing their guaranteed placement, and other students may be enrolled in their place. We will give priority to enrolling new students from families that already have a student enrolled. However, we cannot assure placement for new students.
  • Does my child need to know German to join the school?
    You can join German Saturday School Boston from PK to 3rd grade without any prior knowledge of German. After 3rd grade, students can join if they have an appropriate level of German experience for their grade and experience track. Our school has a unique approach compared to others like the Goethe Institute. We prefer to enroll children at a young age and let them progress through the grades, usually aligning with their US school grade (sometimes a grade lower). We have different tracks for native German speakers, those who speak some German at home, and those without any German exposure at home. If a student needs to catch up to the required language proficiency, tutoring lessons may be a viable choice. We can help you with the decision and provide a list of qualified tutors to help.
  • My Account is not in 'current' state. What can I do to login?
    In case you are a returning family for the recently completed school year, the account moved to 'not current' because you have not registered during the registration period and the system disabled you account. In case you are a family with an account and have not attended school the previous year, the account is set to 'not current'. It can be re-enabled when the registration period for new families is started. Please contact the registrar at to re-enable your account so that you can register and make payments.
  • Can I register and withdraw without cost later?
    Navigating uncertainty is a universal experience, and German Saturday School Boston is a part of this journey. If a student decides to withdraw before August 1, it can be done without any extra costs, except for the non-refundable registration fee. Withdrawals after August 1 are still possible; however, the refund will be subject to reductions as specified in our refund policy.
  • What is the minimal student age?
    German Saturday School has a minimum student age of 4 years (on August 31st of the year) to register for PK. Your student must also be potty trained.
  • I forgot my Sycamore account ID. Can I create a new one to register?
    No, creating a new account would result in the loss of all student records associated with the existing account. Additionally, you would need to re-enter family and student information. Please contact the support team at or the registrar at to re-enable your existing account. If the registration team identifies an existing account, they will request you to resubmit your registration application again before being able to register you.
  • What to do if I cannot pay or cannot pay in time due to hardship?
    Please contact the registrar at immediately to discuss this situation and to find a mutually acceptable approach.
  • I forgot my Sycamore account ID and want to register. Can you Help?
    Yes, please contact the support team at or the registrar at to re-enable your account. Please note that the account name is not your email but the FamilyCode that is located on your badge and the welcome package that you received in early September before school start.
  • Could I pay in multiple installments?
    If you are unable to pay in full, please reach out to the registrar at to request payment plan options immediately after invoices are created. With the payment plan option, you have the flexibility to distribute your payments over three months, ensuring more manageable financial planning. A payment plan fee will be applied to your invoice. However, please note that the entire amount must be paid in full by September 1. Late-registered families may explore similar arrangements for a payment plan. However, it is essential to ensure that the full amount is settled by the specified deadline. Please review our tuition and fee details on our web site.
  • Is late or mid-year registration possible?
    Register early to secure class assignments, especially in lower grades. Late registrations are considered case by case, depending on availability. For late registration inquiries, contact our registration team through the Late Registration Inquiry form.
  • I forgot my Sycamore password. What can I do login?
    If you have forgotten your Sycamore password, you can easily reset it by following these steps: Go to the Sycamore login page and click on "Forgot Password" below the login button. Enter the email address associated with your Sycamore account and click "Submit." You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Follow the instructions provided in the email. Once you have reset your password, you can log in to Sycamore using your new password. If you are still having trouble resetting your password, please contact the school's support team at for further assistance.
  • Why does German Saturday School Boston create only one invoice?
    The German Saturday School Boston generates a single invoice for each family during the registration period, and payment is required in full within two weeks of issuing it. Monthly bills are not routinely generated unless a specific payment plan has been mutually agreed upon on an exceptional basis. This policy is in place because the German Saturday School Boston is operated by volunteers, and implementing varied invoice and payment approaches would be too complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, the current approach of issuing a single invoice and requiring early payment provides German Saturday School Boston with planning certainty required to hire the correct number of teachers. This streamlined process contributes to lower tuition costs as administrative expenses are minimized.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    Yes, German Saturday School offers currently a tuition reduction for siblings.
  • What happens if I have not paid by the due date?
    If payment is not received by the due date, a last reminder will be sent. A late fee will be added to your invoice as indicated in the notification. Please review our tuition and fee details on our web site. Failure to make payments or come to an agreement about payments with the registrar may result in loss of student's class assignment and wait-listing and disenrollment of your student on June 15.
  • How to register my students?
    To register, visit our website during the registration period. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the registration page. If you encounter any issues, please contact the registrar at in case you require help.
  • What steps can be taken if class assignment is not possible?
    The registrar may place students on a waitlist. It is typical for some students to leave the school after registration and in the initial weeks of the school year. The registrar will reach out to inquire if you are interested in enrollment, but there is no guarantee that a slot will become available. Registering and joining the waitlist ensures that your application will be given priority consideration the following year over other new families.
  • Why should I consider becoming a volunteer?
    You can reduce tuition costs by volunteering in various capacities. Please refer to the Parent Helper Discount section on our website to find out about volunteering opportunities. Volunteering not only offers financial benefits but also enhances your experience within the community of the German Saturday School. Joining in various capacities can be a rewarding and enjoyable way to contribute to our community spirit.
  • What is the total cost of attending German Saturday School Boston?
    The total cost varies based on the number of students, grade level, and any additional services. The cost includes tuition for the entire school year and a registration fee. Other supplemental fees for PK through 1st grade and for DSD I and DSD II classes. Detailed information about fees can be found on the Tuition and Fees page of our website.
  • What happens if I have not paid in full by June 15?
    If payments are not received by June 15, students will face unenrollment. Registration and late fees are non-refundable; however, remaining tuition payments will be refunded. In case of hardships, always contact the registrar to avoid unenrollment
  • When can I register for German Saturday School?
    The registration periods for returning families is in March and for new families and wait-listed families is in April. Specific dates may vary, so please check our website for the most up-to-date information.
  • Are there opportunities for financial aid at German Saturday School Boston?
    Yes, we offer limited financial assistance as part of the Tuition Assistance Program. Applications must be filed during the official registration period and will only cover a part of tuition. Please refer to the TAP section on our web site.
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