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Our leadership team is composed of our Principal and Vice Principal (Academics) as well as the School Committee, consisting of currently nine members. They work in tandem to uphold our mission of immersing students from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds in the cultures of German speaking countries, thereby fostering their appreciation of global citizenship

Academic Leadership

The Principal leads the faculty at the German Saturday School Boston and is responsible for developing and overseeing the curriculum. She is supported by the Vice Principal.

School Committee

Our all-volunteer School Committee sets forth the school mission and policies, and manages all aspects of its operations. It reports regularly to its authorizing body, the Boylston Schul-Verein in Walpole, MA.

School Committee members are typically parents of students and can remain on the committee for a maximum of two terms of three years each. While the committee collectively works together on general school policies, each committee member has been assigned to specific work areas.


The School Committee members for the 2023/2024 school year are:



Holger Kunst

Holger joined GSSB with two children in 2013 and has been volunteering in various capacities. Holger started as treasurer in 2019 and chair in 2021.



Stephanie Cradick

Stephanie joined GSSB in 2016 and has been volunteering in the Communications team. Stephanie started as Communication liaison in 2023.



Stephan Richter

Stephan joined GSSB with two children in 2013 and has been volunteering in the library and started as library liaison in 2021.

GSSB Events James Downs


Dr. James Downs

James joined the GSSB with two children in 2021 and started as Events liaison in 2022.


Parent Helper Coordinator

Dr. Inga Claudia Wienhöfer-Simard

Inga joined GSSB with in 2019 with two children and has been volunteering as room parent. Inga started as Parent Helper Coordinator in 2023.



Jenny Jolig

Jenny joined in 2020 and started as Operations liaison in 2021. She assumed responsibility for finances in July 2023.


Information Technology

Michael Sassin

Michael joined GSSB with two children in 2016 and has been volunteering for the IT team. Michael started as IT liaison in 2021.


Strategic Innitiatives

We are Looking for A Volunteer

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