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Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Classes start on time at 9:30. All students are expected to be in the classroom or at the drop off point by 9:25. The building is open to parents, and you are invited to mingle with other parents in the cafeteria.  

While the school can be reached from two sides and you can park on either side, only the Sedge Rd (Soccer Field) entrance is open to enter the building. You may exit from either side. Please note that in fall and spring we share the parking lots with the Lexington Soccer Club, and parking will be limited. Please allow extra time in the morning to allow for a timely start to classes. Please see directions for alternate parking options. 

Drop Off 

All students except Preschool and Kindergarten can proceed directly to their classroom. All late students must check-in at the front desk.  

Drop Off - PS and KG only 
  • The students gather in the morning outside at the Sedge Rd entrance. 

  • Students will find their teacher holding a sign with the class name on it. 

  • At 9.30 am each class is accompanied by the teacher to the classroom. 

  • In case of inclement weather, the students will wait in the hallways for their teacher. 



Classes end at 12:30PM. Any early dismissals must be coordinated with the teacher in advance. 

Pick-up - PS to Grade 5 

Students will be dismissed to their parents at the classroom. Please wear your family badge when picking up your child from the teacher. 

Pick-up - Grade 6 and above 

Students will be dismissed from the classroom and can leave the building at their discretion.

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